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Email marketing is the most effective way of reaching your client directly with your offer. Moreover, it works, because you can be sure that the emails go to people who are interested in the topic. They gave you their email address for a reason – so you can provide them with value they expect. There are a number of ways to generate leads which may be good for your business. So get inspired by 11 ideas for lead magnet, which will draw attention and help you to attract new customers.

What is Lead Magnet?

Before we get into listing examples, let’s start from the beginning. In order to build an email list, you need a strong lead magnet, which would draw the attention of people who are interested in the topic. Lead Magnet works like a catch on a client. It brings unpaid value in exchange for the email address.

Instead writing “join the newsletter,” write “download a free guide on how to increase your sales.” In both cases the person goes to the email list, but the second option will bring you way more email addresses. Quid pro quo.

If you create a lead magnet, you can be sure that the people who sign up are truly interested in your product. They become your potential clients. We can honestly say that email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your client directly with your sales content. And, as you know, every client is precious to your company.

What should Lead Magnet contain?

Above all, you need to answer yourself, what problem your audience has and what solutions they look for. Your Lead Magnet has to solve a particular problem your readers have. Lead Magnet doesn’t have to attract everyone. It’s job is to attract a group of people that are interested in your product. Only that way you can get a high conversion rate.

What are the qualities of a good lead magnet?

  • Solves a problem

  • Promises to solve a particular problem

  • It’s concise and has a focus on details

  • Contains value

  • It’s delivered to the recipient directly

  • It shows expert knowledge of the author

11 ideas for Lead Magnet

Lead magnets can be divided to useful, which solve a particular problem. It can also be a tool like a calendar. Another type is educational Lead Magnets, where you teach the audience and provide them with valuable information. They make you look like an authority in the field. There are also funny lead magnets, that provide mostly entertainment.

1. Checklist (control list)

List built from several steps, which help you to check your actions concerning a particular topic. The list is constructed the way you can check off the things you already did and what is still left to work on. It is a list of the most important steps, which you have to take to achieve something. By using such list, you can organize your business strategy. It is one of the best lead magnets, as it is fast to prepare for you and easy to use for the recipient.

2. Ready-made template

Templates make work easier to organize. All it takes is to create relevant spaces for the client to fill in with their own text or ideas. It could be a collection of email templates for a number of occasions. For example: email you need to prepare when the subscriber joins the list, how to encourage them to read the articles on the blog, etc.

3. Courses

Free courses can help you to create a good relationship with the participants. Establish the topic of a course and divide it into individual lessons. Lead magnet doesn’t have to be a product that the client gets in full version immediately. Instead, they can be getting a series of lessons over a certain period of time. This way, the person who takes the course gets an email everyday and gets familiar with the material. After the course is over, you can still maintain the relationship with the subscriber, by sharing your knowledge. Eventually, they will purchase your product and become your customers.

4. Calendar/Planner

Create a calendar with important dates, that could allow users to plan their actions. Calendars turned out to be useful in many business fields.

It could also be a planner, where you can put suggestions on what to post on social media. You could put there things like content ideas, suggest, what images to use depending on the season etc. It’s a useful tip on what to do and when.

For example, create a calendar for March, April, and May. Let’s say you run an e-commerce business. So you put all the important dates connected with this field in it. You can guide people on how to use that knowledge to increase the sales in their online store.

5. Webinar

Organizing a webinar is a great example of lead magnet. This way you offer a client much more. Webinar is a live meeting where you talk about the specific subject, or a problem. Participants can ask questions during the meeting, if they don’t understand something or have doubts. Give your audience a possibility to sign up to the webinar, as a part of subscription. You can sens the link to a webinar directly to their email address. The link would take them to a website of the webinar host. This way you get the email address of your potential client and you can inform them about any upcoming events.

6. Coupons and promo codes

You run an online store? Then it can be a particularly good option for you. All you need to do is to prepare a discount code and put a banner on your website. It could be a crucial part of the decision making process for the person who just looks at the products on your store. They will gladly use promo code and make a purchase. Congratulations, you’ve just made a new client and a new subscriber at the same time.

7. Quiz

One of the most entertaining ways of creating a lead magnet. Who doesn’t like quizzes? You’ve probably encounter this form numerous times, and you solved it out of curiosity to find out something about yourself. You can, for example, prepare a quiz titled “How much do you know about social media advertising.” Quiz contains a number of questions, and the user finds out the answer by entering their email address. This way you receive their answers and find out what is their weak spot. While you collect their email addresses, you can prepare interesting materials for them, which can help them to develop further in their field.

8. Trial version

Software is your product. It doesn’t matter if it’s email marketing software, e-commerce software, or a salon managing software. As you see, you can offer a trial version in a lot of cases. This way you can offer your potential clients to try your program. The user can use the full version of your system for, let’s say, 30 days. Limit the in formation you collect about the trial users to the minimum. Name and email address are enough to get familiar with the system. If the user doesn’t purchase your product after the trial period, don’t worry. Prepare a series of emails, ask for opinion about the software, guide the potential client, by showing them your offer until they become your clients.

9. E-book/Reports

E-book or guide. It’s all about creating a valuable and essential knowledge. It could be a guide on how to create an ad on Facebook, how to prepare a newsletter, or what are free ways of promoting an online store. Find out what could interest your audience.

Reports, which present data on a particular subject, have a huge value. They can be created based on data, statistics, or research studies. If you’re interested and you want to know, what changes happen in the field of our interest, you need to know what you should prepare for.

10. PDF version

When you prepare a report or a guide you can put a small part of it on your blog. Then put a sign-up form below. After signing up, the subscriber can see the whole article. This way, the person who is interested in the topic, will give you their email address, as they will be curious to read the whole thing.

You can also gather the most popular articles from your blog and save them in a PDF format. This way, you give the reader the opportunity to download blog entries in a PDF format in exchange for email address.

11. Free consultation

It allows you to be in a direct contact with your client. If a person wants to consult a specialist in order to see the offer, it means that they are close to making decision. You can offer a free consultation, as it is the best opportunity to show the best side of you and build a lasting relationship with a person who might become your client.

Your free product has to be valuable and substantial. Only then you will attract new customers. The ideas from this article will surely help you to build your mailing database. Adjust them to your business field and create products.

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