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E-mail marketing: insurance sector

The insurance sector is either hated or ignored. 

WHY?  It’s hard to give a specific answer.

Talking about the insurance sector, the issue that should be highlighted is that an insurance company term includes all of the enterprises working with personal insurance, property and reinsurance.

They work under a contract obliging to provide adequate benefits in the event of the consequences of fortuitous events.

According to research carried out by the Statista portal, every second Pole does not trust health or life insurance. However,  travel insurance is the one we trust the most. In 2019, 59 insurance companies operated on the Polish market. Until December 2018, 60 insurance companies were authorized to conduct insurance business in Poland, each of them conducted its own business. In 2018, the number of full-time employees in this sector was 28,626. One in three Poles working in this sector does not trust insurance companies alone.


The most necessary tools in remote working

According to the latest data collected by Statista, more than  40% indicated business e-mail as a tool necessary for remote work, and thus the method of communication is mailing.


E-mail marketing in the insurance sector

What is the best way to reach the customer? Here comes email marketing and the benefits of this marketing strategy.


#1 Automatization

The dream of improving the operation of a business appears in the mind of every entrepreneur. Also, the insurance companies might find this method beneficial for the business. At a time when technology is rapidly developing, all of the processes can be automated, thus relieving your employees.

Firstly, the concept of Marketing Automation should be introduced. Unfortunately, many businesses still believe that no robot can replace humans. Yes, it is true. On the other hand, automating some activities can help the employees and improve the functioning of the business.

Marketing automation is nothing more than carrying out activities with the use of special software.  In this case, there are various email marketing tools that can improve advertising, sales and content marketing processes.


#2 Refreshing

This email marketing feature is great for the insurance sector. Why?

Remember all the times when you spoke to an insurance company representative, or when you bought insurance? Now you are haunted by phone calls or millions of insurance e-mails. Sounds familiar? Unfortunately, often many insurance companies do not care about refreshing mailing lists within the email marketing tool. However, there are tools that automatically move a person to another list or remove them from the list( after a certain time or after specific actions taken by subscribers).


#3 Gramaticall and name personalisation

Who doesn’t dream of always being treated individually? We don’t know such a person. Hence, it is worth taking care of personalizing your email messages. Unfortunately, many tools on the market do not provide this capability for messaging where the grammatical form nor the name is included in the mailing.


Personalized communication means creating compelling messages that will motivate a specific recipient to take action. The research described in The Effectiveness of Personalized E-mail Newsletters and the Role of Personal Characteristics shows that personalized e-mails were received more positively. As a result, the open rate was higher than in e-mails in which personalization was not used.

Consumers love feeling unique and receiving personalised content!


#4 Occasional personalisation 

An ideal plan for insurance companies is to use email marketing in which private, collected information about the customer will be applied. Such useful information could be birthday dates.  Let them feel you care!

Knowing the customer’s date of birth, we are able to generate an e-mail for him on this occasion. A good idea might be offering e.g. a 10% discount or free delivery. Wait for the effects!

#5 Personalisation- termination of a policy

If you see your customer is running out of policy, don’t hesitate and design for them an email reminder on the extension of the policy. You can save time on making phone calls and show the customer you remember about him and treat him seriously.


To sum it up,

every industry needs an email marketing solution and a smart tool that will meet all business expectations. In addition, the automation of activities undertaken so far will help to save time and money.