Women’s Day mailing – how to prepare it?

International Women’s day is celebrated on 8th of March. On this occasion, you can prepare mailing directed to men and also women. If you think it through, men will be thankful for reminding them about this special day, and women will feel appreciated. How to prepare mailing for International Women’s Day? When you use email […]

How to improve your newsletter? 10 sure-fire methods

Most people associates newsletters with discounts and freebies. And that’s correct. Effective newsletter should be valuable to the recipient. Unfortunately, in most cases the value is provided only in the beginning of the whole cycle. With every email the value and the feeling of getting something useful gets lower and lower. In effect, the recipients […]

How to start Lead Ads campaign on Facebook?

If you are into online marketing, you want to obtain as many email addresses as possible. There are several was you can do it. For example: set up ads on social media, which will direct the recipient to the sign up form, through a website or landing page. Today we’re going to focus on the […]

How to keep regular clients, and attract new ones to your salon?

Everyone, who runs their own salon, eventually encounters the problem: how to attract new customers, and what to do so the existing ones keep coming back? Informing them about your services is not enough. You need the strategy, in order to achieve satisfying results of your actions. The right strategy will allow you to create […]

How to create a sales funnel in 5 steps [mini guide]

Let’s create a sales funnel together It’s the best to learn on a particular example, so in this entry we will create a sales funnel in few easy steps. You’ll find out that in order to make money this way, you don’t have to have a team of specialists. In practice, we can either make  […]

Sales funnel – what it consists of?

Every sales funnel is different Depending on a model, funnels may differ dramatically from each other. The amount of options you have is so huge that it becomes a major challenge to organize them. Some specialists claim that sales funnel gives you all the possibilities online marketing can offer. Let’s see what funnels consist of. […]

Types of sales funnels

Every sales funnel is different Sales funnels can have various construction. In fact, we can say that there are no two identical funnels. Every offer and target group is different, and requires a different set of tools. However, we can assume that there are two types of funnels: classic and modern. Let’s take a closer […]

What is sales funnel? Offline example

The sales funnel is not so black as it is painted People often perceive funnels wrongly. They think it’s a very complicated system that requires all day and all night work. It’s a mistake. Sales funnel is a natural process that is compatible wit human psychology. Therefore, we usually don’t realize that we fell into […]

Earn on your passion – create your own sales funnel

Funnel created with passion Passion is responsible for a huge part of what we do in life, including buying different kinds of goods and services. Don’t focus on big problems, such as illness. Usually it’s about small, simple life difficulties. Did you start to notice it? Constructing an effective sales funnel means looking for solutions […]

11 ideas for lead magnet and how to grow your email database

Email marketing is the most effective way of reaching your client directly with your offer. Moreover, it works, because you can be sure that the emails go to people who are interested in the topic. They gave you their email address for a reason – so you can provide them with value they expect. There […]