E-mail marketing trends in 2021



An inseparable part of email marketing, as well as any other sector, are the trends. Nowadays, our task is to adjust and implement the trends in our brand so that our subscribers are satisfied and the message coming out of the emails is on the highest level.

Thinking about the methods of attracting your subscribers? This is definitely the place and the time for you to read this post! We will show you some of the trends which you must not miss in your email campaigns.

Text emails


Some people could say that this is the past solution, however, text mails are BACK. The traditional written email is usually associated with a letter, it makes the email look personalised and causes only positive emotions among the recipients. By choosing this option, you have to keep in mind 3 must-have functions of the text. The content shall be interesting, inspiring and engaging. Evoke emotions between your readers, surely it will pay you back in the number of opens of your emails.

Stimulate the reader


Emotions play a huge role in marketing, do you agree? Through inclination to react, evoking concrete feelings somehow we build the writer-reader relation. This is the main goal- we must build a relationship with our subscribers. Not only does your email need to be understandable, but also useful. It is not only about the content. The design would play a crucial role in this part as well. By the usage of specific colours, we can evoke a certain emotion.

    • blue  – peace,
    • green – hope,
    • red – passion, excitement,
    • orange – energy, creativity,
    • yellow – attention, CTA.


A great example here would be using a red colour during any promotions, discounts.

Evoke your reader with a great offer!



Looking for new ideas, especially in graphics is more than welcome. At this point, you shall create graphics that would keep the reader’s attention. The 3D image would catch the subscriber’s attention as well as stimulate the imagination. What comes with imagination is evoking emotions. 

Bold Typography 

The presentation of the content is as important as the content itself. The long and monotonous text would not generate the outcome of evoking interest among the subscribers. This kind of text would provoke to quit reading and become illegible. Boring email loses before the START.

A tip: arrange carefully text and do not be scared of bolding. 

 Dark mode ON

Have you ever experienced a tired eye effect? The truth is the eye is working 24/7 so it gets tired easily. As a lifesaver comes the dark mode,  which popularity is constantly increasing. About 90% of Internet users prefer the dark mode. Keep in mind this fact in your future email creating processes. How to apply dark mode to your email?

The easiest way would be by putting your black text rounded by a white frame in the coding process. 



Super hard to spell and pronounce but extremely useful as a mailing trend. Phantasmagoric Collage. What is hidden under the term? Nothing but a graphic constructed of side-by-side pictures. It feels like the name for it is more complicated than the idea itself.

Watch out! Do not overuse the collage! Sometimes it might lead to overwhelming the reader.




Monochrome is not about using only black and white as the main colours in your emails. The monochromes are different shades of the same colour. A great idea would be defining the one main colour and then working with its shades. For example: choose pink as the main colour, then go through baby pink, salmon pink all the way to fuchsia.

Certainly, women know what we are talking about in here 🙂


Animated graphics


Pictures connected with animations. To help you understand it better a GIF would be an example of an animated picture. It can interest the reader and add a unique value to your email. The message coming out of your email would stick in a subscriber’s mind for much longer. Also, using animation help to limit the text and creates a reader-friendly effect.



Create your first email!


Knowing all of the tips above, there is nothing better you can do than CREATING your first email!

Create your own perfect emails! Remember that it might take some time before you design an ideal email. Sometimes you may feel like giving up but  



Everyone has to start one day…so take the bunch of advice and get ready to run the email world!



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