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Choose your target groups precisely, and send them personalized emails. You can do it by analyzing specific actions of your clients..

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Sales Funnels

Create efficient sales paths with a record-breaking conversion rate. Thanks to full automation, you can generate income and minimize your effort.

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One Click

Speed up the transaction process to the maximum and use the feature, where your client can pay with just one click. This way you can increase the sales and limit the effect of “abandoned” shopping carts.

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Personalize message

Good relationship with the client is a foundation of every successful business online. Make your emails unique by using customization feature.

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Create your own partner network, and give people the opportunity to promote your products in exchange for commission. A perfect solution for people who look for effective and affordable marketing tools.

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One time offer (OTO)

One time offers are one of the best methods of increasing sales results. Thanks to NetSendo you can use it when and where you need it.

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Message queue

Automate your mailing campaigns using the queue feature. You decide where and when your emails go. NetSendo will do the rest.

Split tests

See the possibilities of marketing experiments. Test the efficiency of different elements of your communication: message subjects, content, calls to action. No limits whatsoever.


Thanks to this function, you can send emails to a couple of lists at the same time. What’s more NetSendo will check the email address database so there is no double emailing to the people who signed up to a few of your lists.


Advanced statistics will help you to measure the efficiency of your campaign. Thanks to precise reports, you can find out what your clients need and what you can improve the next batch of emails.

Scheduled message delivery

Choose any hour of the day you want, and the messages will be sent on this exact time. In order to increase the opening rate, schedule the mailing on the time of signing up of each subscriber.

Personalize of external pages

Prepare the perfect offer for your subscribers on any website. The content will adjust itself accordingly, depending on name, gender, or any other additional information.

Advanced CRON

It gives you the option to send emails only on certain days and hours. For example: no emails on weekends, or emails only between 7am and 4pm.

Transfer of users depending on time period

Use the automation feature on NetSendo and decide when your subscriber should be moved to a different list. NetSendo will do the work for you.

Filter subscribers

Filter subscribers depending on any additional question, added by you to the sign up form. This way you can precisely establish your target group.

Adding attachments

Add attachments to your messages: sales offer in a pdf format, a poster, newsletter etc. Send files automatically, when the customers purchases them.

Duplicate messages

Save time and copy messages you wrote once on a different list, and move it to another one. Limit your effort thanks to automation.

Exclusion in multimailing

You can decide to which list or lists the message will be send, which of them will be excluded from delivery. This way you can avoid double messages.

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