STEP 1 Log into you Gmail. In the right top corner, click the icon ”Google Apps”. Then click on ”Contacts”

STEP 2 After moving into ”Contact”, choose ”Export” from the menu on the left.

In the window, click on ”Open old contacts”

STEP 3 Next, choose the contacts you want to export (you can use the ”select all” option). Then click ”more” and ”export”

  STEP 4 In the next window, choose format named „Outlook CSV” and click „Export”  

STEP 5 Open downloaded file in Excel or OpenOffice Calc and delete the columns you will not use in NetSendo. Leave only the columns you have in NetSendo. Remember to save the file.  

STEP 6 Log into your NetSendo. Choose the address list to which you want to add subscribers and move into the ”list subscribers”. Then, click on ”import” above the list.

STEP 7 Now order next sections:

  1. The import format: CSV File (separator ‘,’)
  2.  Line format: in the square brackets write the names of specific sections according to the columns imported with the Google File. Divide them with comma. 
    Short tip:
  • email section: [email]
  • name: [name_first]
  • surname: [name_last]
  • phone: [phone]

Choose the previously prepared file. Then, choose the subscribers’ status and decide if the new subscribers need to receive a confirmation of registration.

  Last click ”import” and it’s done. Congratulations- you have just uploaded your contacts from Google to NetSendo.

NetSendo Autoresponder has many functions, to read more please have a look here www.netsendo.com. The main functions are:

– Extended statistics, 

– Multimailing, 

– Intuitive edytor, 

– Sending at a specific time, 

– Personalisation of iternal pages, 

– Advanced CRON, 

– SMS, 

– Split tests, 

– Filtering recipients,

– Adding attachments, 

– Sales funnels.

Go to the  www.netsendo.com and click on Pricing


After logging into NetSendo, on the left, you will see a MENU. You can find there: Training, Marketplace, Mailing List, CRM, Automatisation, Statistics, Settings and Share of Profits

In the Mailing list section, you will find many options for a specific mailing list.


Thanks to this function, without further difficulties, you can send emails to many mailing lists.

This section contains a bunch of procedures and tools crucial in subscribers’ management such as : Addresses list, List groups, Add a subscriber, Subscribers list, Import, Import large files, Group removal. 

Using Automatisation allows you to automate your mailing. You can find there: Message Templates, Templates inserts, Field management, Labels above fields, External Pages, Sales Funnels and The task scheduler

Advanced statistics allow you to measure the effectiveness of your mailing campaigns. Thanks to precise reports, you will find out what your customers need, as well as, improve the outcomes from further campaigns. In the statistics section, you can also find two options and analyse them: Tracked Links and General statistics.  

In this section, you can manage your passwords and account settings.

On the right side, you will find four icons. The first icon will forward you to the main page of NetSendo, in the help section you will find all information. Language- here you can choose between Polish or English. The sign out icon will log you out.


To create a funnel, you have to click on the Automatisation section. Later choose the option Sales funnel. 

Then click on Create funnel

Fill the Funnel Name section and decide whether the offer is one time or not. Fill in all of the important sections for you. Later, in the right bottom corner choose to ADD THE NEXT STEP.

In the next step, you can change the internal pages, which have to occur, the amount and description of the transaction.  To finish adding the next steps, click the option ”No, the last page…” and choose the external page which will occur in the end.



In the MENU on the left, pick Automatization and the External pages.

Click on ADD NEW and then follow and fill the sections.

Go into the External pages section, create a template and save it. Then in the NetSendo system, in the message you are creating, choose the created template. 

Later, add in the external pages prepared page. After in the general settings, in a concrete list, pick after which action the site pops up.


Open your NetSendo. Usually, it is a page mail.namesurname.pl After a window pops up, enter your login and password. Then click sign in.

Later, pick a mailing list to which you want to send your message or create a new mailing list by clicking ”ADD NEW”

If you decided to create a new mailing list, click on ADD NEW and fill the forms. You can also import your contacts. 

If you want to use an existing list, click on the name

To add a new message in a specific mailing list, click Add message

When the window pops up, fill the sections. If you are ready, to send a message click SAVE THE DRAFT or SEND if you want to send it straight away.

Later, you will see information that the message has been added to the queue. If you do not see the information popping up, it means that the message will be sent in 5 minutes. 

After filling out all of the sections, if you want to send a message you can choose between one-time mailing or a whole queue of mailing. The queue of mailing means that you can pick the time and day when the subscriber signs in.

Mailing sent right after creating the message

The system will detect the time when the subscriber has signed into your list and send the message to him t the time of his subscription.

Thanks to this option you can choose a specific time and date when the message will be sent.

You can choose between three options, ,.


In this section, you can see the effectiveness of your mailing.

In this section, you can pick what the receiver will see after getting your mail. Here you can use the templates which you can add in another MENU section.

If there is any link included, it will be shown in the Tracking List section. Tick the box if you want to see how many people have clicked on the link.

If you have nonstandard subscribers on your list and want to send them a message using the filtering option. For example, if you want to send a message only to people who live in London you are able to pick only these subscribers in this section.

To see the statistics of a specific message, go to the Message list option in the menu on the left. Click on the day the message has been sent and click on the icon.


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