How does AI affect email marketing?



Over the last few years, email marketing has undoubtedly changed. However, it is still the most popular channel used by marketers. Though in 2020, there will be a lot of changes in ways of reaching the customer. Focus on providing the best content at the right time for the particular person or a group of people, whether they are existing clients or potential ones. You need to learn the behaviors of your clients and apply adequate solutions, which encourage them to do a particular thing: purchasing a product, signing up to a course, taking part in a professional training, or buying a subscription.

AI is the future of email marketing

Thanks to AI we have an opportunity to run successful mailing campaigns. Customization, segmentation, optimization of the subject and content of the message are becoming more and more important. Of course we cannot forget about managing the time and frequency of sending messages. Email marketing is relatively simple when it comes to sending messages. The real challenge here is to meet the audiences’ expectation and adjust the content the way that would interest them. The text should be attractive to the recipient, their expectations and predispositions, so you can achieve the best possible conversion rate. Every email has to have a purpose, call to action (CTA). However, you should focus on engaging your audience, building a good relationship and evoke various emotions, and eventually convince them to buy your products. You need to seek their engagement.


This way you can build good relationships with your clients. As you know, this is the beginning of your way to success, and you can gain the trust of your customers. And trust translates directly into sales. Personalizing the offers is a great way to build lasting connection. Running a mailing campaign is not only about writing messages. It’s also about people who read them. In 2020 customization will play a crucial role.


It will help you to establish the target group precisely. The more detailed segmentation is, the more control you have over the content, when it comes to customization. And that generates better sales. Using this technique, you can send the right content to the correct target groups. For example, people who visited your website, bought a product, downloaded a guide, or interacted in any other way with your brand. This way you can find out what are they needs and how to maintain a good relationship. It’s worth to care for your customers. In addition, thanks to segmentation, opening rate can be much higher, as the emails are a response to the interests and needs of your audience.

Optimization of the subject and content of the message

Content is one of the key elements of communication and it directly influences the engagement and actions of your audience. The most desired consumer group is Generation Y (Millenials), so take considerate steps, to interest them and keep that interest. People from this group expect you to personalize the content and offers you present to them. The change you should make in 2020 should be automation of the mailing process.

Competition is bigger than ever. You can create good subject lines, which cause the reader to feel that the offer is urgent, and influence their emotions, as fear of missing out.

  • [LAST MINUTE] Your special offer will soon be a history.

  • Last reminder about our discount. The end in 3… 2… 1…

  • [URGENT] You have only one day to view the offer!

Build subjects, which are humorous, mysterious, and not so obvious.

See, how to create effective subject lines. 

Time and frequency of mailing

Take your time to get to know your audience.  Knowing that, you can set the right time, when the emails get to be sent. It could be a particular time and date or immediately after the person makes a certain action on your website. When it comes to communication with the customers, you should always send it in the right moment. That’s why you should check, when the most of your subscribers join. It could be a perfect moment to send the email. You probably know, who belongs to your target group. Moreover, you are familiar with their habits and know, when they are most likely to open and read the emails. Observe your Social Media, maybe you notice a pattern, when your audience reacts to your posts on Facebook.

A/B tests

If you’re not sure what subject to use, try to experiment with two versions. That’s how you’ll find out which of the elements is more efficient. You can either address the recipient by their name or use a generic form. Thanks to tests, you can make your readers engage more.

Data analysis

Email marketing is based on connecting with each client individually. Unlike other channels, email marketing gives you reliable data. Which gives you the opportunity to personalize the offer more and more with every action the client makes. You can send them a message based on their preferences. As a salesman, you can analyze the data and use it to increase conversion.

After analysis of the basic data, you can find out, when the subscriber reads the email and what device they use to do it. What’s more important, thanks to segmentation, you can customize the messages to particular recipients, as you know what content they could enjoy. Furthermore, you have the option to include the estimated or existing preferences of the clients in your process. Using AI will allow you to manage your marketing budget efficiently – you limit the costs and increase your income.

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