How to create a sales funnel in 5 steps [mini guide]



Let’s create a sales funnel together

It’s the best to learn on a particular example, so in this entry we will create a sales funnel in few easy steps. You’ll find out that in order to make money this way, you don’t have to have a team of specialists. In practice, we can either make  a complex funnel, or a simple one.

In our case, we’ll focus on getting the best possible sales effects, using solutions you may apply by yourself. We’ll use the traditional sales funnel model.

Our company:

John Doe – eBay sales specialist (personal brand)

The offer:

How to open an eBay store in 2020 – an e-book guide – free

What to sell on eBay? The best examples – an e-book guide – $29.00

The best ideas for profitable eBay store – an e-book guide – $49.00

How to look for profitable products for your own business – a video curse – $199.00

As you can see, those are digital products, which makes distribution easier. It can all be prepared by one person, someone who is a specialist in online sales through eBay. Other interesting topics which can be used to prepare a fully digital offer:

  • advertising on FB and/or Instagram,

  • selling online on Amazon,

  • graphics

Step 1. Get to know your client

Who do you want to sell your products to? Everybody? Such target group doesn’t exist. You need to find out, who is your potential client. Next, establish, what problems they have and what are their interests.

Our audience is a group of entrepreneurs who make money online.

Potential problems: lack of technical knowledge, lack of market knowledge, low income.

Interests: e-commerce, sales, eBay, Aliexpress, etc.

Step 2. Draw attention

At this point, we encounter our first expenses. If you want to generate a significant traffic to your landing page, you need to invest in paid ads. Just ignore organic traffic, as we don’t have time for that. However, as your brand continues to grow, you should have accounts on social media.

If you run a blog, where you tell people about your passion, use that. Create a sales funnel with products, which correspond with it. Use all your capital to attract potential clients.

I our case, we will focus on Facebook ads. The product we offer is “How to open an eBay store in 2020.” In the beginning, we need to prepare two or three creations, where we can show our product in various ways. Creativity and clear form are the most important factors.

In the ad manager, we will choose target group with following interests: dropshipping, eBay, e-commerce. The aim of this campaign is to generate traffic.

Step 3. Create a landing page

You need to prepare several destined pages, so the Facebook campaign would have a purpose:

  • a page, where your potential clients can download the free guide (lead generator)

  • a sales/thank you page of the guide “What to sell on eBay? The best examples”

  • a sales/thank you page of “The best ideas for profitable eBay store”

  • a sales page of the course “The best ideas for profitable eBay store”

Step 4. Prepare mailing

If you have a lead page, you need to create a client database and the whole system of mailing. And you need to choose an external software. The best choice, that combines good price and quality, is NetSendo.

As we focus on maximisation of revenue in our actions, we won’t be creating a campaign focusing on providing valuable content. We concentrate on our particular offer. What’s crucial is to prepare three subscriber lists for the people who:

  • downloaded a free b-book

  • bought a guide for $29.00

  • bought a guide for $49.90

Every list needs to have a message queue assigned to it. Let’s say the messages will be sent on the third, fifth, seventh, and fourteenth day. On the first day, there will be a system generated message with a link to download the product and a thank you page.

So you need to prepare 12 messages to the message queue and 4 system messages, after the subscriber gets on the list. Below you can find a layout of the campaign:

Step 5. Stay in touch

Our sales funnel theoretically ends as the subscriber purchases a video course. In practice, it should never end. However, when you work in a specific field, your expertise is limited. If you create more funnels with new products, you will probably work on similar topic.

Instead of generating all the traffic once again, you need to use contacts, that you collected until this point. Contact database is totally independent, and the only person who can control it, is you – it’s the whole magic behind sales funnels. When you start to build a new funnel with an existing client database, it can bring you even better effects. The costs of generating traffic will be slightly lower.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to stay in touch with your subscribers after they bought the last product. You can do it through valuable content. You can drop the newsletter model and create a long queue that could be updated with new content. In effect, they will be available in full for the new people who decide to join to client contact database. When it comes to newsletter, content which was sent before doesn’t matter.

You can even go a step further and stay in touch with all the people who fell into the funnel, no matter if they bought a product or just downloaded the lead magnet. The choice is yours. What’s important is to never leave the clients unattended. You can’t let them forget you and your business.

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