How to start Lead Ads campaign on Facebook?



If you are into online marketing, you want to obtain as many email addresses as possible. There are several was you can do it. For example: set up ads on social media, which will direct the recipient to the sign up form, through a website or landing page. Today we’re going to focus on the first method; Lead Ads on Facebook, to be more precise. It is a great way to increase your mailing database. Discover a method of attracting customers and use it’s functionalities.

Start with designing a sales funnel

Before we jump to the “how” part of lead ads campaign, you need to establish, what is your goal on every stage, and spend some time on preparing a sales funnel. The first step is offering a free product: for example a guide on how to start with email marketing. It is a moment, when you need to spark your client’s interest and show them, that by going to the next step, they will get more valuable materials. Next stage – low price product.

The example of such product could be joining a full version of the online email course. And the third stage is the target product. It could be purchasing a subscription of an email marketing software, so the client can use the knowledge they have in practice and start their first mailing campaign. In the first step, you need to spark an interest. Then offer a low value cheap product, and finally offer a high value product at a full price. Of course, there can be more steps on the way. It all depends on your strategy and product you want to sell.

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Perks of generating leads through Facebook

  • Simple and intuitive form, containing necessary information.
  • It opens on Facebook directly, there is no redirection to another website.
  • Your clients can fill out and send details fast. The user’s data is downloaded from their profile, and all they need to do is to confirm it. If you need more information, you can create  a separate box for it.
  • You know that the person, who gives you their contact information is interested in your product or the subject you write or talk about. This way you can add them to your list, start building a relationship and encourage them to check out your other offer.
  • The form loads quickly.
  • Simplicity and convenience
  • There are no bugs in the form.

1. Choose a marketing goal

In the ad manager, where you can create a new campaign, choose your marketing goal – get more leads. It allows you to obtain more contact details to your potential customers. This way you can get email address to the people, who are interested in your brand or your products. After choosing a goal, you can name your campaign and go to the next step.

2. Create a set of ads

Next, you need to create a new set of ads. Name a set and fill in all the necessary information about your audience, i.e. people who you want to show your ad to. Choose a location, age, gender etc. For example: women living in Poland between the age 20 and 45, who are interested in marketing. Establishing a budget is also one of the most important things. You can choose a daily budget, which means a cost per day, or the whole budget, where you enter a fixed cost that you pay for the whole period of running the ad. We recommend choosing a daily budget, as it will be better in this particular case. At this stage, you also need to remember about accepting terms and conditions of obtaining contacts. If you don’t do that, you won’t go to the next step – creating an ad.

3. Prepare an ad in Lead Ads

This is the last step: advertising. Prepare an image and text that would encourage your audience to filling in the form. You create everything step by step, just line with a regular ad. The first thing, which you should do is choosing a type of form. We recommend choosing a high volume option, because this way you can make sending data easier for people.

4. Choose a contact form

Choose a contact form, which you want to use in your ad and generate it. In the settings, change the language to English and in the form configuration, choose the option “open.” Thanks to this option, everybody can share your ad and you can obtain more contacts.

5. Establish questions and privacy policy

In the content tab, you can freely edit your form by adding or subtracting the amount of data you want to collect. If the form type you chose is “volume,” information such as name, surname, email address, or even telephone number will be filled in automatically. However, you can also add your own questions to the form. Despite that, you should limit questions to the minimum. Less is more. Be careful, as some users may be cautious with providing a lot of details at such an early stage. Instead of open questions, use multiple choice questions. This stage requires your attention the most. The better the questions, the higher conversion rate. Remember about privacy policy and the rules of data protection. You need to place it at the bottom of the page, by putting the relevant link there.

6. Time to say “thank you”

Thank the users for filling the form. Additionally, as you almost caught your client, encourage them to visit your website. Alternatively, you can offer them your telephone number, if the form is complicated, or touches an important issue, and you know that your audience may have problems with understanding it. Inform them that they may call you in case they needed help. Remember about choosing the right button. In the one case, pick “website,” and in the other, pick “call the company.”

There is also a “download” option. You can offer a free guide in exchange for the email address. This way you can collect contacts, for the people who are interested in your offer, faster. And that is basically the end. The process of creating forms is relatively easy. All it takes is time to prepare it well. It’s worth to save the form in drafts, so you can use it in the future. First leads will appear after Facebook accepts the ad. Make people who signed up become your clients. Add them to your email database and send them offer emails.

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7. Collecting contacts

How to store contact details you’ve collected? If Facebook accepts your ad, contact details of your clients will start to appear. You can download them in a few ways. The easiest one is by going to “Publishing tools” tab and next to form library, and here you have them, ready for downloading.

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What is a cost of getting leads?

It all depends on a business sector. Is it difficult and for the advanced? It also depends on whether or not you try to provide a real value in exchange for email address: a part of guide, e-book, or report. The cost is influenced by all your marketing effort. The image, texts you’ve prepared, and even choosing a call to action button. You can also download them from the ad manager. Choose a correct campaign and go to the right set of ads. Moreover, you can im port such database straight to NetSendo tool and start selling your products immediately.

What to use a Lead Ads campaign for?

  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Participation in a course
  • Downloading a guide or report
  • Registration for an event

Summary of Lead Ads campaign on Facebook

Clearly present your offer, so the users understand, why you collect their data and be fine with it. Choose a right format of presentation of your product. It could be a carousel format, a single photo, or even a short video, where you talk about your product. If you choose a video as a medium for you, it can help you to raise your brand awareness and lead to a specific reaction. When you create ads on Facebook, you have an option to choose a particular marketing goal, which helps you to get to know your audience better.

Lead Ads campaign is one of the most efficient methods. If you are at the stage of building your contact database, the best way to understand your audience is to ask them questions. Also, plan your future actions. If you want to increase your conversion rate, prepare for a fast reaction. The faster you get in touch with your client, the bigger chances of convincing them to react in a certain way.

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