A list of applications integrated with NetSendo


Tpay is one of the most popular payment processors in Poland.

Thanks to it’s integration with NetSendo, you have the opportunity to automate the shopping process, without manually building the link. They are created with the product offer. Additionally, after a successful or unsuccessful attempt to finish the transaction, the email address of the buyer is sent to the database. There is also an option to move the client to a page with another offer.

One of the best payment processors in the world, dedicated to support card payments.

This is the key integration in order to use NetSendo functionalities such as OneClick and automated payments from debit cards as part of subscription or recursion.


If the client database is built using their telephone number, the great solution is reaching them with text messages.

You can do it in NetSendo. All you have to do is to conduct integration with the biggest provider in Poland – SMS API. Is SMS too short of a form for your business? Send an SMS, informing about an important email. Combining those two solutions brings awesome results. Remember – there is no limit for messages.

There is an app you want to integrate with, but it’s not on NetSendo? Now it’s not a problem. Thanks to integration with Zapier, you can connect any aplication and integrate it with NetSendo.


Building your own customer contact database is fundamental in email marketing.

Make it easier for your future subscribers and put a button on your site that allow signing-up to your list, using the details straight from Facebook. This way you can contribute to increasing the number of people who give you their email.


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