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Lesson 2

The correct email construction

You already know where to begin. First step is to build and segment your subscriber list. In our first lesson, we also mentioned how to obtain email addresses. Do you remember? Or maybe you’ve already started? We hope that you found our videos helpful. 


Email construction

You can create emails using ready-made templates, or design them yourself step by step. The choice is yours. There is no perfect formula for the content of the email. It depends on many factors, especially your business model. Would you like to promote your product or a course? Or maybe you want to inform your clients about the promotion in your online store? Systematic contact with the customer is crucial in building a relationship with them. You slowly and gradually convince them to your store and your products, and eventually they become your clients. 

Think about the emails you receive for a second. You’ve probably came across at least one email that caught your attention. What was it? What was the subject line? Did you get it from the person or a company you know? What made you open the email and read it? What influenced you? There are tons of factors that made people decide if they open the email or move it to the spam folder immediately. Don’t think about the latter, as we’re now going to focus on the positive reaction. First things first, let’s discuss the email subject line. What to do in order to draw the recipient’s attention and make them read the whole email?


Where there is a will, there is a way.


First of all, your message has to stand out from the other emails in the recipient’s inbox. They get a lot of messages everyday. Yours has to be unique and appealing. What’s more, you can create such strong connection with a potential customer, that they would be looking forward to the emails from you.

Would you like to achieve such results? That’s what I thought! So let’s get straight to the point. At first, we’ll focus on sender field, subject, and preheader.


Draw attention with the good email subject

Everything starts from the subject. No matter how good the content is, if you tell a good story, or make an attractive offer, the recipient won’t open it, unless you interest them with the subject. Is there a foolproof recipe for what the subject should be? You know your clientele, who they are, what are their expectations, and problems. Now your task is to give them the solutions and value. Three words that describe a perfect subject line: short, concise, relevant. The subject needs to be consistent with the body of the email. It also has to be unique and attention grabbing, but remember not to overdo it. 


See some example subject lines that you may use:



What you’re looking at? Your discounts are running away!

Psssst… prices in your cart have just dropped!


200 blog post ideas that work

10 unusual things that you can do to become rich


How to write an email to people who don’t open them?

How to learn a language in just 5 minutes a day [CHECK IT OUT]


You’ve changed, Martha.

Carl, do you remember me?

Rafał, będę po Ciebie o 19.


Use A/B tests

If you’re not sure what subject to use, try to experiment with two versions. That’s how you’ll find out which of the elements is more efficient. 

You can either address the recipient by their name or use a generic form. Use emoji, or not. It all depends on what you want to achieve or if the email is formal or not. 

If you choose informal style, addressing the recipient by their name would be a good idea. It is just more personal. A Person, who opens an email like this would feel special and you can slowly develop your relationship with them. 


Name database and pronouns

Did you know that NetSendo can distinguish a gender of your subscribers? It means that your messages can be personalized in the way that your subscribers think that you took your time and wrote a message to them personally. Write messages that your subscribers are going to love!

NetSendo - Baza imion i odmiana płci #27


Preheader – diving deeper into the email

The subject shouldn’t be too long. This short line has to draw attention. Use preheader to elaborate on it. Preheader is a text that appears next to the subject. It is very important and you should know how to use it efficiently in email marketing. Don’t try to put all the information in the subject. It will look better if you put some of them in the preheader. Those will be first few sentences of your email. Listen, you have only few seconds to interest your potential client and influence them to make a certain action. The subject and the preheader have to encourage them to click on the message.  


On the above examples you can see clearly how the subject harmonizes with the beginning of the message:

  1. You bet, I know! Hmmm… Or maybe I don’t. Okay, enlighten me!
  2. Ooo, I wonder what it is.
  3. I love everything what’s free.
  4. Of course I want! And I want it now!
  5. Oh, yes! I want it more than anything else!

Ask intriguing questions, and provoke emotional response. Sometimes there’s an emoji in the subject line. You already know, when to use it, and when it’s better not to. Now the question is: HOW to use it, so it matches the topic of the message? Emoji can function in the subject as kind of a signature. If you use the same emoji before every subject, it becomes a symbol that the subscriber immediately recognizes and associates it with you. It will be more visible in the inbox, when the recipient filters the emails. Try to choose an emoji that is consistent with your brand. Emoji can also be a complement of a text. For example a stop sign emoji can be used, when you use the word “stop” in your subject line.

Remember to approach writing emails in a particular way and always be creative. When the client opens their inbox, and they see your email, they have to think it’s something special, that they will find interesting information inside, or valuable content. They need to feel like they are getting first hand information. It just has to be good, so evoke their emotions, feelings, ask intriguing questions, tell stories, build a connection with your audience. You can learn how to create efficient emails. You just need to learn tactics and start applying them.

Email body content

The subject you wrote drew the attention of your potential customer, and they clicked to read the email.  Now it is very important to attract them even more, so they read the whole thing. The most important thing is clear CTA (call to action). It may be a link to your new article or the product you want to sell. You know that your primary goal is sales, but you can’t show this to your subscribers.


Recipient opens the email → reads the content → gets familiar with the offer → buys the product


  1. Before you hit “send,” read the email a few times, check if the information is useful and if the recipient would know what to do when they read it. 
  2. Focus on the particular step they need to take.
  3. Do you want the recipient to do something further? Tell them, what they would get from it. What value will your new article bring to their lives? State clearly, what they would get from it if they make a certain action, at the end of your email.
  4. Don’t forget a CTA button – it has to be clear and visible.

Example: Find out what are the best methods of promotion of your online store.

Example: See the article / Get your free guide / Get 50% off


  1. Sometimes the decisive process takes really long, so you should make an impression of urgency. Tell your audience that the free guide is available only today, or they can use the promo code till tomorrow. Later it’s going to be too late.
  2. Make sure that the link works. Before you send the email to your clients, send a test version to yourself, and see if the links work and that it takes you to the correct site. Test various options. We are all different and not everybody would react the same. In order to make your subscribers open the emails and convince them to go to your website, check out a few different versions.
  • Pay attention to details: the color of CTA button, or even it’s shape and size.
  • The font size of CTA text. Is everything cohesive?

Always, without any exceptions, make sure your emails bring value. It has to be the best content you can think of in order to always make a good impression on the reader. You can do a giveaway once in a while. For example thank them for subscribing by giving them a discount for your products, or give something equally interesting, so they feel appreciated.


Email personalization

As we mentioned in the beginning, it’s good when you call the subscriber by their name in the subject line, however, you can use it in the content as well. If you use NetSendo tool, you can personalize your messages the way your subscriber thinks you took time to write a message just for them. In the below video, you can see how to write messages your audience is going to love!


How to change the header of the message?

NetSendo - Jak zmienić nagłówek naszej wiadomości - konfiguracja SMTP #5


Important! Remember to adjust the email to mobile devices.

More and more people check their emails on their phone, so you have to make sure that the content is displayed properly on mobile devices.

It’s all for today. Check your inbox tomorrow, and you will get the third lesson where we’ll discuss when it’s the best time to send emails. You will also learn some tips and tricks of email marketing.

Need to go back to the previous lesson? You can do it here.

See you tomorrow! 

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