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Lesson 6

Building sales funnels

Sales funnels are paths your client goes through, before they make a purchase. You create a product, which can be downloaded for free, in exchange for email address. The next step is offering a low value product. If people were interested in your first, free product, it is very likely that they would buy the second one. What’s next? You introduce another product of a higher value. And then step by step you guide your client through the sales path you’ve created.


Sales funnels are automated tracks that allow you to multiply the sales effect.

If you’re just starting the adventure with email marketing, you may have never heard of sales funnels. Nevertheless, they are the most effective and bring the best income. While building sales funnels, you can create each step, based on your particular goal you want to achieve. You can also estimate the income. 

You would think that it’s too complicated.

It couldn’t be further from the truth!

You can learn to use sales funnels, like everything else!


Who can build sales funnels?

Funnels are a great idea for every type of business, so your company can definitely benefit from them and they can become one of the main parts of your strategy. Maybe you already use funnels, but you don’t realize it. All of your marketing actions can be presented in a funnel scheme. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s say you own a cafe and your client orders a small cappuccino. If you offer them to buy a large one instead, and they get a cookie for half the price, you apply a funnel strategy to your business. Simple? Now let’s see how to do it online.

Okay, but if you own a service based company, or you are a motivational speaker, a performer etc. and don’t have a physical product to sell? It’s not a problem, as you can create and sell any type of offers online. For example, if you do life coaching lessons, you can offer a motivational e-book, a webinar, or sell private classes via video chat. The options are endless; you just need to think about your unique situation and how you can translate it into the funnel medium.


Funnels are a great way to optimize the costs, where revenue from cheap products make money back, and income is generated from the more expensive ones.


Sales in funnels is based on trust and relationships you’ve built. This makes it much more effective than offers directed to the cold contact. Sales funnels built with NetSendo work in fully automated mode and every step of a client is carefully planned. You can decide when and to whom you present a particular offer. Next, based on their reaction or lack thereof, you can send more offers or messages encouraging to make a purchase. It all happens without your constant engagement, following the path and delivery schedule you’ve created earlier – full freedom. What’s important, you can control the path as you go in NetSendo. See, which emails are the most effective or draw the most attention and modify the funnel if needed. Now you can achieve the best sales results.


Sales funnels

NetSendo, as one of the few systems, has a built in function of creating sales funnels. You can plan each step, which the client would take before going to the next one. Handling payments and segmentation of the email list are two of the most important things which you need to implement in your business. You can see how to configure a sales funnel on the below material.

NetSendo - Tunele sprzedażowe #24


Using a funnel in e-commerce

In the previous lesson we wrote that implementing a business strategy in email marketing can bring great effects and generate a high sales rate. 


The client visits the store – chooses a product – adds to cart – buys


This is a perfect scenario. The reality can be slightly different, as sometimes the client only visits the site without purchasing, or just adds the products to their cart, but doesn’t finish the transaction.

You have all the necessary data about your customers, so you can apply remarketing in that case, so the client goes back to the site and buys the product. Remarketing is an advertisement, directed to the people who already visited your site and made a certain action. Read more. We use two strategies – cross selling and up selling. Applying a sales strategy into email marketing can give you amazing results and generate a huge sales, but you have to do it in a well-thought way and gradually “attack” the potential client with your offer.

  • Cross selling – offering a complementary products.
  • Up selling – used when the client doesn’t finish the transaction.


Using a funnel in email marketing

Funnels in email marketing are a little bit more complex that they are in e-commerce. In email marketing, you have to guide the customer through the all stages of the sales path. We begin with offering a first product, which is free. The user gives you their email address by downloading the product, which automatically signs them up to your first email list. Then you send a series of emails to that list, which will encourage them to buy a first paid product. A person, who opened the email and took a certain step, that is went to a website and bought a product, can be signed off the list and automatically moved to a different one. It happens every time the client reacts a certain way. When you create an email queue for a particular list, you want to convince as many people as possible to go all the way through to the last step, buying all the products from the offer. Unfortunately, it is unavoidable that some people just ignore the emails, and conversion funnel will be gradually narrowing down. 

The client has to see the value on every step, which will be an answer to their problem. If it happens, they will gladly go to the next step. All the pages you prepare need to be clear and easy to understand, so the client knows what happens next. If they start to feel lost, they will quit. 

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