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Lesson 7

Email marketing tool

It is the last lesson in our course. In all the previous ones, you had a chance to get familiar with NetSendo, which is an email marketing tool. Today we’re going to focus strictly on NetSendo, so you can learn all the functionalities and possibilities it could bring to your business. 

If you took this course, I’m sure you want to increase the efficiency of your marketing actions and your sales. You now know the theory, and all the basics that could get you started. Now you need tools  that would automate your business. 


It has to work according to the scheme.

First you build the list, then you segment it. It’s important that there are people potentially interested in your product or service. If that is the case, it will be easy for you to interest them, as you already know what they expect. It will all lead them to opening your emails, as they notice the value, interesting content, and solutions to their problems. Step by step, you will build a relationship, that will draw their attention to your website. And what does it mean? Sales. It all leads to closing. But in order to close, you need a system that would allow you to plan not only system emails but also an email queue, that  works automatically and sends emails to the customers in the right moment.


Email marketing tool

Imagine the system that could work for you 24/7, and you would have plenty of time for other stuff and to drink coffee without the fear that you have to send emails. Can you imagine? So now listen, as this is not a fairy tale. We introduce a real system that already exists and allows you to automate your business.

System and the process, which I’m about to introduce, would do most of the work for you. However, no system will do all the job. This tool would allow you to source customers and business partners. It would sell and develop your subscriber base, build relationships, and gain trust of your customers. It would do a huge part of work for you, but it can’t do one thing… Attracting the unique customers through sharing valuable knowledge, for example on an expert blog, hobby blog, social media, and mailing lists.



Break free from limits and step up your business game


NetSendo means NO LIMITS:

Unlimited messages – the number of messages, address lists, or subscribers is unlimited and depend only on you

Unlimited subscribers – the system works on your server and you have a full control

Full control and safety – you’re the only person that can access your campaigns and email database


Discover 6 main functionalities of NetSendo



It will help you to precisely choose your target group for your mailing campaign. 

Segmentation works based on actions made by your audience. When do you need it? A classic example would be avoiding sending the offer to the people who have already used it. You can do it by creating a new list of subscribers (people who bought the product) and automatically sign out those people from the previous list.


Automated subscriber migration

NetSendo - Automatyczne przenoszenie subskrybentów #13


Sales Funnel

Automated sales tracks which multiply the sales effect and leverage your business.

Sales funnels built with NetSendo work in fully automated mode and every step of a client is carefully planned. You can decide when and to whom you present a particular offer. Next, based on their reaction or lack thereof, you can send more offers or messages encouraging to make a purchase. It all happens without your constant engagement, following the path and delivery schedule you’ve created earlier – full freedom. What’s important, you can control the path as you go in NetSendo. See, which emails are the most effective or draw the most attention and modify the funnel if needed. Now you can achieve the best sales results.


NetSendo - Tunele sprzedażowe #24


One Click

One click payment – The key element of sales funnels is the moment of closing the transaction.

In order to use the full potential of the whole path, it is crucial to make the payment process as short as possible. Every additional step can distract the customers, and the conversion rate would decrease. The perfect solution of this problem is OneClick function. Thanks to this, the payment can be made with just one click. It works, as system saves the details of the previously made payment (through debit card). The customer doesn’t have to fill the form again. This solution is perfect on sales paths where the customer has a few occasions to finish the transaction.



Thanks to customization of messages, you can build a good relationship with the client. And, as you already know, it is a huge step towards success.

This way you will gain your customers’ trust. And trust translates directly info sales. A great way to build lasting relationships is customization of offers. The mailing campaign you run, consists not only of the text messages. The major part are the people who read them. So in NetSendo we focus on customization of offers. You can address your customers by their name and choosing the content depending on their gender. This way you can break the distance and the relationship becomes more personal. You can customize the offers on mailing campaign level or external sites. The clients are especially excited about the second solution. Most of people have already seen their name in the emails before. However, when you custom the whole page, it is a completely different experience. Conversion rates will be much higher. 


Name database

NetSendo - Baza imion i odmiana płci #27



The power of partner and loyalty programs.

Planning marketing actions can be very tricky when you do it alone. NetSendo has a solution to this problem – partnership network. Instead of limiting yourself to the standard solutions, it’s better to cooperate with people, who can earn money on promoting your products. This way you can save a lot of money on marketing. Above all, the products will be recommended to people who are really interested in them. In addition, you get the access to new contacts from the contact database of your partners. It is a great solution as you pay a commission from each transaction. So you only pay for the actions that really generate your sales. There is no space for missed marketing campaigns, like it usually happens with Facebook or Google.


One Time Offers (OTO)

If there is a way to dramatically increase conversion rate, it is a clock that measures time left till the end of one time offer. This way you use one of the strongest motivational factors: the fear of missing an interesting offer – the voice of reason of your potential client is overshadowed by their emotions. In those conditions, the decision about making a purchase is made much quicker. By choosing NetSendo, you can create one time offers every time you need it. 

It is out last lesson in this course. Congratulations! You’ve made it to this point. If you took the time to finish this course, you definitely want to increase the efficiency of your marketing actions and sales. You already know the theory and the tool that will automate your business. 

Now there’s nothing that stops you from starting your adventure.

Good luck!

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