Sales funnel

Lead your customer by the hand through your products

Sales funnels are automated paths, which allow to multiply sales and to leverage.

It’s a great way to optimize ad cost, where an income from cheaper products covers the budget and profit is generated from more expensive products. Selling products using funnels is based on trust and previously built relationships. Such actions result in increased sales, compared to the offers directed to cold contact.

Sales funnels built with NetSendo work in fully automated mode, and every step on the client’s way is carefully planned.

You can freely decide when and to whom you direct a certain offer. Next, depending on their action, or the lack thereof, you can send additional offers or messages that will encourage the customer to make a transaction.

It all happens without your engagement, basing on previously set up path and schedule of notification delivery – full freedom of action. What’s important, in NetSendo, you can constantly monitor, which emails get the most attention and have the highest opening rate. That helps you to modify and update the sales path as you go. All that, to achieve the best sales results.


Sales funnel scheme

The amount of elements and possible solutions, which you may apply, is quite substantial. It all depends on the kind of offer and the target group you choose. In effect, various sales funnels may differ from each other dramatically. However, there are certain elements you can find in all of them.

See how sales funnel configuration works in NetSendo

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