The right target is a way to success

Segmentation consists of precisely selecting the target group for the email campaign.

segmentacja użytkowników

Selection happens through certain actions taken in NetSendo by the addressees. When do you need segmentation?

The classic example is avoiding sending the sales offer to a person who has already bought the product. You can achieve it by creating a new list of subscribers (people who made a purchase) and setting up unsubscribing from the current email list automatically.

The whole list of features allowing segmentation of subscribers in NetSendo:

Filling in an additional field in the sign-up form

Moving subscribers from one list to another after a certain time

Moving subscribers automatically after filling in the certain box

Adding an extra checkbox to the registration form, which will sign them up to additional lists

Marking lists which will remove the subscriber from any other list automatically after registration

Marking lists that which add the subscriber to any other list automatically after registration

Marking lists, which the subscriber has to be signed-off from, when they sign-off from this list

Sending to those, who clicked the link

Sending to those, who opened or did not open the message

Sending to those, who filled the box x

Moving people to a different list after clicking the link

Excluding the lists (or people) who won’t get the emails

See how subscriber segmentation works in NetSendo

Segmentacja Subskrybentów

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