Storytelling in email marketing



In today’s post, we would like to share Artur’s story about his dream business.


Once upon a time…

Artur is a super positive and energetic person, who doesn’t find it difficult to find himself in various environments. Always happy takes what’s best in life. One day Artur decided to change his career path and open his own online shop. After tough planning the concept of his business, setting up a website and an ideal online shopping platform, Artur noticed that the number of customers is relatively low. Therefore, full of fear, he decided upon starting a marketing plan and promoting his online shop on the Internet. Bull’s eye it was indeed.

The number of customers started to increase as well as his business. 

Later on, Artur realised that neither the tools he was using were sufficient nor the human resources he owned. In the critical moment of losing hope, he came across an email marketing tool that would take care of his client database and manage the whole email marketing strategy he had planned.

As a smart entrepreneur, Artur believes the limit is the sky. By finding NetSendo with no limits his dream of automatisation of his business, finally could be reached.

Did you like our story about Artur?

The best way to show what storytelling is…to tell a story, isn’t it?

Artur’s story is our way of storytelling in its purest form. Storytelling is a very popular and magical technique, in marketing , of evoking emotions and interest among the readers.

Do you recall the grandma, uncle or your mum telling you a story? These are the best memories, right? And this is the feature of storytelling that takes its toll on the receivers. The way we create the feelings and awake the imagination reflects on the need of our readers to gain more and more. 

Stories are for children?

Having a look at storytelling in e-mail marketing, it can be easily stated that it delivers measurable and positive outcomes for a brand. The list of advantages coming from storytelling in marketing is universal and can be applied to any marketing sector.

  • Storytelling evokes feelings and interest in a reader.
  • Usually, storytelling makes the reader take actions
  • While unique storytelling, we can distinguish ourselves from competitors. A great example here would be a beer brand Żubr (in English: wisent). By creating stories with the animal as a star, Żubr provokes the reader to collocate the animal and its superpowers with the brand. 
  • Exciting stories stay in the readers’ minds for much longer. 
  • Storytelling correlation with email marketing and other communication channels is relatively easy.
  • The open rate and CTR index increase thanks to storytelling.

How to start storytelling?

Now, we will show you eight points that could help you to apply storytelling to your email marketing strategy.

Target Group

Indicate your target group for mailing. Different stories might work for various groups. You will not achieve the goals if you write political stories for dog lovers.



Create a mailing persona- meaning design a receiver of your email marketing strategy as you would do in the Sims.



Consider which emotions you want to evoke among your target group. The list of emotions depends only on you. Don’t be scared of provoking extreme emotions. Sometimes the more extreme emotion you evoke in your reader, the better he will remember you and your brand. 


Heroes, places…

As in every and each story, timing, place of action and protagonists are super crucial. Therefore, create the story the way you can use it again by applying only different plot twists. 



Follow the plan of your email marketing strategy- plan the schedule of emails, the plots and workflows.



Connect email marketing storytelling with other communication channels.



Analyse and react. Remember to be updated with the results of your campaign and be prepare for implementing some changes into it.



Optimize your mailing campaign and plan further stories scenarios.


Ready to start creating your own story?

Stop thinking, start doing! Everyone has an imagination and it is only up to you how you can use it.

Would you like to share your story with us? Just send it to us and let us give you some feedback! 

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