What are the key elements of email marketing?



You run your own company and have been thinking about running email campaigns? It’s high time! The sooner the better. If you prepare yourself properly, it won’t be neither complicated nor time consuming. And, what’s the most important, it won’t be very expensive. What is more, email marketing is one of the most effective direct marketing strategies. This way you can reach your clients with your offer, and build a stable relationship. But before you start to act, learn what are the key elements of email marketing.

Building a mailing list

Writing good emails is a form of art. The whole success depends on your ability to create a bond between you and the people who are on your list. The first thing you have to do is to build an email list. Don’t procrastinate, the sooner you start to work on it, the better. Building a list and sending emails is not enough. You have to know, what to send and to whom.

How to obtain email addresses?

  • Through your own website

  • Using a pop-up window

  • Through social media

  • By organizing a webinar

  • Using a landing page

Segmentation of your subscriber list

Without a doubt, segmentation of your list will increase your sales tremendously and achieve your goals. Not everybody is the same and expects the same outcome. That’s why it’s important to be familiar with your audience’s behaviors, needs, problems, and manage your database accordingly, dividing the list into smaller segments. That way you can personalize the emails and send exactly what the recipient needs.

The knowledge by itself won’t suffice. You can share it the best way you can, give examples, tell stories, but if you don’t know the client and you’re not familiar with their problems and needs, you can easily fail, as the client wouldn’t get what they want. And what do they want? Knowledge on how to deal with a particular problem they have.

First, establish a target group to whom you will send your mailing, and what problem would the emails solve. Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of communication with the customer. It consists of creating value the way the recipient feels like they get an attractive offer which is directed to them personally.

Try to break down your list and divide it to smaller groups.

The correct email construction

The person accesses their inbox, and the first thing they see is a plethora of emails from everywhere. You need to have a huge charisma, so your email with the subject line, draws their attention. It should be interesting enough to encourage them to click on it and read the content. Email you send needs attention. It has to be written the way that would make the addressee feel that you wrote it directly for them and that you want to help them with their problem. Remember that the email shouldn’t be just another distraction or a pointless content, which annoys the client and wastes their inbox space. It has to be something valuable that cannot go unnoticed.

You can find out more about creating effective subject lines here.

A right tool for email marketing

It has to work according to the scheme. First you build the list, then you segment it. It’s important that there are people potentially interested in your product or service. If that is the case, it will be easy for you to interest them, as you already know what they expect. It will all lead them to opening your emails, as they notice the value, interesting content, and solutions to their problems. Step by step, you will build a relationship, that will draw their attention to your website. And what does it mean? Sales. It all leads to closing. But in order to close, you need a system that would allow you to plan not only system emails but also an email queue, that works automatically and sends emails to the customers in the right moment.

System that works for you 24/7

Imagine the system that could work for you 24/7, and you would have plenty of time for other stuff and to drink coffee without the fear that you have to send emails. Can you imagine? So now listen, as this is not a fairy tale. We introduce a real system that already exists and allows you to automate your business. System and the process, which I’m about to introduce, would do most of the work for you. However, no system will do all the job. This tool would allow you to source customers and business partners. It would sell and develop your subscriber base, build relationships, and gain trust of your customers. It would do a huge part of work for you, but it can’t do one thing…

Attracting the unique customers through sharing valuable knowledge, for example on an expert blog, hobby blog, social media, and mailing lists. If you don’t provide value systematically, you will get nowhere. The tool you need is an autoresponder. This is a tool that would automate your business and help you to increase your sales. You have all the emails under control and you can plan them in advance. Additionally, you can see the statistics, and find out how many people got the message.

Creating advanced sales funnels

Do you know how to guide the customer who got interested in your initial free product, through the paid low value product, until they buy your full, more expensive product? The first step is to create a lead magnet. It is the first page, where your potential clients can buy the first product, you’ve created. It could be a guide, or an e-book. You give the value in exchange for email addresses. Build a contact database, which you can use to contact the people who downloaded the first product. This way you can build sales funnels, but it’s a complex topic, so we will prepare separate articles about it.

Sales funnels

They are automated tracks that allow you to multiply the sales effect.

Funnels built with NetSendo work in fully automated mode and every step of a client is carefully planned. You can decide when and to whom you present a particular offer. Next, based on their reaction or lack thereof, you can send more offers or messages encouraging to make a purchase. It all happens without your constant engagement, following the path and delivery schedule you’ve created earlier – full freedom. What’s important, you can control the path as you go in NetSendo. See, which emails are the most effective or draw the most attention and modify the funnel if needed. Now you can achieve the best sales results.

If you use the potential of email marketing wisely, it will allow you to achieve a good sales effects. However, your actions should be thought through. This is the only way to have a real chance to succeed.

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