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H2H, a human in the centre

The two main forms of marketing are B2C and B2B. About those two terms, you can find a great number of articles and knowledge in all of the marketing-oriented books. However, there are many more forms of marketing that are usually omitted and not considered. For so many years we have been taught that the only right forms of marketing are the ones mentioned above. What if B2C and B2C or even B2G are just small parts of H2H?

What the H2H is?

H2H is nothing like chemistry. The secret H letter stands for human and the term H2H means human to human. H2H is one of the marketing forms, which highlights treating receivers of your messages as very personal as a human. Using formal forms or phrases is totally forbidden here. The most important issue in H2H is putting a human in the centre of your communication.

Thinking why?

People feel the need to:

  • experience emotions
  • be noticed
  • belong somewhere
  • be understood
  • be treated as a figure that makes mistakes

Business is people. Brands can be compared to friends. We come back to them if we like them. The relations built with brands remind us about conversations full of authenticity.

Customer needs

A crucial aspect of H2H is getting to know customers’ needs. If you get to know the needs to whom you want to communicate something, it is easier to achieve the goal of the communication. The communication channels of a brand build personal and close relations with the receivers. By doing so, the brand builds loyalty and trust among the customers as well as gains new customers. 

The marketing messages could be excellent, however, it does not make any sense if the sender forgets that he speaks to another human, not a robot. 

While applying H2H you have to remember that on both sides there is a human with a heart and a mind. 

The H2H marketing focuses on building a long-term relationship with a customer rather than sending something at any cost. The brand society is very important here as well. A real H2H forces us to leave the BUY NOW thinking behind. 

In one word H2H is all about RELATIONS

How to recognize H2H?

A great example of H2H may be shown in a  newsletter.

An official email signed with a full company name instead of a real person’s name would be an example of what not to do while practising H2H. This kind of newsletter delivers no emotion nor pushes us to engage. It’s typical for the B2B strategy.

An H2H newsletter is a complete opposite. The relationship is more private, personal and direct. The sender signs the newsletter with his real name instead of a company name. By signing the email with a real name, you build trust in the receiver and make the customers get used to your person handling their issues. It can convert into greater sales. 


How to use H2H marketing in your mailing?

#1 Signature

Remember to sign the email with your real name and surname. It builds the trust and relation between you and the receiver. Also, delivers the customer information about the company’s structure.

#2 Picture

You definitely should consider adding your picture under the signature. Why? People get attached to the images and will always connect the company with your face. By adding a picture you play with the receiver’s emotions.

#3 Phrases

Personalisation not only is trendy but also has a positive impact on customers in H2H marketing. Do you remember us saying as a marketer you always talk to another human? By using personalised emails you highlight the meaning of a concrete receiver.

Which marketing form do you use in your business?