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Payments with just one click

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one click scheme

The key element of sales funnels is the moment of closing the transaction.

In order to use the full potential of the whole path, it is crucial to make the payment process as quick as possible. Every additional step can distract the customers and the conversion rate could decrease.

The perfect solution of this problem is OneClick function. Thanks to this, the payment can be made with just one click. It works, as system saves the details of the previously made payment (through debit card).

The customer doesn’t have to fill the form again. This solution is perfect on sales paths where the customer has a few occasions to finish the transaction.

Using OneClick feature is possible through tokenisation of debit card. In other words, it’s an authentication of the card’s data. The Client has to enter them to the system at least once.

Usually, it happens during their first shopping. Next, card details are directed to the payment service provider, who has to replace confidential data with unique symbols, for example individual ID number.

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Payment service provider receives tokens and starts a debit card verification. The seller doesn't receive payment just yet, but the assets are blocked on the buyer's account.

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Charging the account

When the authentication gives a positive result, the buyer's account is charged and the specific amount is transferred to the seller's account.

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