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Lesson 4

Newsletter i Mailing

You already know how to draw attention to your emails with a subject line, so your audience wants to read the emails and buy your products. Now it’s time to utilize the knowledge from the second lesson. Today you will find out what is newsletter, mailing, and autoresponder. We will also give you some examples. 



In simple words: it’s just regular communication with your clients. This way you can inform them about your offer, or products. But most importantly, you can inform your viewers about the news and changes. The subscriber gave you their email address, so now it’s your turn to give them something in return. If you focus exclusively on sending ads and sales offers, you can lose your subscribers. Create value that will convince your subscribers to stay on your list. You build a bond between your brand and a client, and work on consumer loyalty. Remember that this kind of marketing requires consistency. 


Don’t let your clients forget about your brand and send Newsletters relatively often.


  • Use one email template, so the subscribers get used to the structure
  • Newsletter helps building and maintaining a relationship with the subscriber
  • Send emails regularly, for example twice a week – on Mondays and Thursdays, or two times a month
  • Your content should provide value which is not available elsewhere. It has to be a value they signed up for.

Signing up to a Newsletter

A good sign up button has to draw attention, and be visually coherent with your website. Another thing is the amount of information that you want to collect. Don’t ask for too much. Collect only basic information, like name and email address. This kind of data would suffice in order to personalize the emails. If you ask for more, some people may get discouraged. Less is more in this case – at least at the beginning. Another important thing is that the sign up form has to be responsive. Most of us use mobile devices, so the form has to display properly on various screens. 

  • Put the form in an obvious spot
  • Remember that the exit button has to be visible. Don’t hide it, because that would discourage people from visiting your site again.
  • Adjust the colors to the rest of the website, but make the “call to action” button stand out
  • Let the subscribers know that their data is safe with you
  • If you tell people that they would get emails once a week, you should keep the promise. If you would start sending emails daily, I can guarantee that after some time, if not immediately, they can sign out from your newsletter. 

Commercial mailing

In commercial mailing, you have more creative possibilities. It is a one time offer and it doesn’t function as a mean of building a relationship with the client. You just want to inform the client about the product and make them do a certain thing. When you create mailing, you have to focus on a form of presentation. It has to be clear and concise. The email should contain a big high quality image with minimal text on it. You should put a button at the end of the email, that contains a call to action. For example: buying a product, attending an event, or signing up to a newsletter.

  • One time offer, for example discount on a product. 
  • It has one purpose: you want your customer to make a certain action. For example: taking part in a competition, buying a guide, or use a discount. 
  • Less content, more attention grabbing images.


What colors you should pick?

Obviously, it’s worth to stick to the colors you chose as a part of your visual identity. But the color you choose will make your audience feel a certain way. While deciding on a color, you shouldn’t focus on what you like and what you don’t. Above all, you should remember that certain color is connected with a certain feeling and it may influence the client’s decisions.


In the image below, the author shows, how certain colors affect our emotions.


Colors play a crucial role when we want someone to buy something from us. For example red makes sense of urgency and good price. You can use this color while organizing a sale. You want to draw client’s attention and encourage them to make a fast and impulsive decision. It sends a message that you have to buy something now, as this is the opportunity and the price is not permanent. Then we have blue, which is a color of trust and it’s used in business, when we want the client to trust us. Whereas orange can be used when you want to convince the client to a certain action – downloading something, joining a program. 

Yellow (optimistic) – warmth, energy

Orange (friendly) – jolly, confident

Red (exciting) – youthful

Purple (creative) – innovative

Blue (trustworthy) – strength, clarity

Green (peaceful) – health, ecology

Grey (balanced) – neutral

Source: buffer.com 


People differ from each other and many different things affect their shopping decisions. In the same manner colors work differently on men and women. Women love blue, purple, and green, and hate orange, brown, and gray. When it comes to men, they prefer blue, green, and black to brown, orange, and purple.

While testing emails, you can test different versions, for example try different color variants of the button, directing to a website. This way you can see, which of them was more effective in terms of conversion. While preparing mailing, take colors into consideration, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to use too many colors.



It’s nothing else than an automatic message. You just set it up and the recipient gets it, when they make a certain action. For example, when they sign up to a newsletter, they get an email that confirms the membership. Knowing that it is something you do just once, take your time while writing the email. Make sure it’s perfect. This way, the recipient will not regret signing up. You can also give them a valuable material that is similar to the one they signed up for.


Say hi to a new subscriber → thank them for signing up → give them some kind of value



As you already know, good email marketing is building a relationship with a client, telling stories through interesting content. This way you get closer and closer to the client, by speaking to their emotions. You talk about their problems and eventually you give them a solution and introduce your products. If you see, that the subscriber opens your emails (whether they are part of newsletter or mailing), it means that they are interested in the product you are about to offer them. Recipients will always open your emails if your content is valuable and responds to their problem.


As you can see, newsletter, mailing, or autoresponder differ from each other. That’s why you need to adjust the footer.

  • Who is an administrator of personal data, how and why it is processed.
  • It informs that the recipient has a right to review, change, or delete their data and withdraw their consent for processing. 
  • Link to sign out from a newsletter. It has to be clear, and visible for the subscriber, so they don’t have to search for it. 

How to add a footer of the message

NetSendo - Jak dodać stopkę wiadomości #18


Transactional emails

They are emails you send to a particular person, knowing what actions they have made on your website. For example, they almost buy a product in your store, but they don’t finish the transaction. That’s when you send them an email to encourage them to finish the transaction. If you want to convince them even more, you can offer them a discount on this particular product. Transactional emails are also information about the order they have made in your store.


Message templates

NetSendo - Szablony wiadomości #26


How to add a message

NetSendo - Jak dodać wiadomość #3

It’s all for today. Check your email tomorrow. You will get a fifth lesson, where you can learn, how to use email marketing in your business. 

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See you tomorrow!

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